Friday, February 6, 2009

Duxbury Art & Commerce

We first visited the charming modernist (I know, usually a contradiction) Art Complex, built by the Weyerhaeuser family. There was a show of paintings of cereals and breakfast beverages ( that made me hungry. Much of the museum was closed for a new exhibition setup and roof repair (oh, those modernist roofs), but we plan on coming back in the spring and spend more time sketching in the woods and at a Japanese teahouse they have somewhere.

Then we stopped (literally in the middle of the road) at the classic New England village center. It was one-sided, with head-in parking that backed right into the 2 lane main road (and it seemed to work fine). The loose collection of buildings included civic, retail, office, housing and boat storage yard. The buildings didn't face the water (retail is best contained, or as Bob Gibbs says "Fish don't shop.") but there was still an awareness of the water. 

The French Bakery had a great Financier (almond cake) and croissants that were flaky, crunchy and buttery. Ce' magnifique!

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