Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope Artiste Village & The Blackstone

The Winter Farmer's Market in the Hope Artiste Village was jammed due to an article in the paper the day before (that we didn't know about till we got there). A bit too tight. Hope Artiste Village is filled with artists (or artistes) in a form loft complex that began life as Hope Webbing, the largest mill of its type. There is a melange uses in its 350,000 SF, including duck pin bowling.

Then on to beer 'n burger at The Blackstone - a nice bar, restaurant, music club in Pawtucker that we stumbled over to from the Farmer's Market. On a cold day, it was warm enough to sit outside in the sun on their deck. For the food we went inside, and was enveloped in a cozy combination of black, copper and neon.

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