Sunday, March 1, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere...(except where it isn't)

Streets of water, water for streets. Turquoise, Venetian Red (of course), Ochre, and a kaleidoscope of deep colors floating on the limpid liquid. My first visit to Serrenissma in 2006.

One of the Medici's first out-of-town spreads, this fortified villa was based on earlier castellos. These buttresses shown support a protected walkway on the top floor (great for boiled oil). This was the site of Cosimo Medici's Platonic Academy with one member, Michelozzo being the esteemed architect.


  1. Bill, Those are really nice. Thank you for sharing your talent of the wiggly line drawing is awesome. Denise

  2. Very nice Bill! Makes me want to head to Venice. -Russ