Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This 18th century summerhouse at Linden Place in Bristol Rhode Island is just about the size summerhouse I could afford. It is also earlier than the house (1810) which was built by a privateer, General George DeWolf, whose descendants included United States Rubber founder Samuel Pomery Colt, nephew of the pistol packin' Samuel. Didn't see either tires or guns.


  1. Bill, my sister sent me a link to your site when she spotted St. Martin's Church in Providence on it -- our grandfather designed the church and its rectory, the brick house next door, which we grew up in. I really enjoy seeing your sketches from Providence -- thanks! Now you've drawn another family spot -- we're descended from the DeWolfs, and the Colts were cousins. We used to watch Bristol's famous Fourth of July parade from Linden Place's front lawn, back when it was still owned by relatives.

    You might be interested to know that Wallis Eastburn Howe (aka Gramps) also designed the Linden Place carriage house, that yellow brick building to the left of the main house. He did that project in the 20th century, well after the house itself was built.

    (One proofreading note: Samuel Colt invented Colt Revolver; his nephew Samuel Pomeroy Colt was the rubber guy. Pomeroy is the correct spelling -- no mustard magnates in the family, I think...)

  2. Thanks! I've made the corrections. There was not much info on the web. My wife told me some of the info from a plaque and the house wasn't open when we where there.
    Your grandfather was quite talented. He was of a generation that could work in many different styles, all of them good.

    Look for a few more postings from Linden Place.