Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Towers

Richmond Square is a renovated industrial office complex on the east side of Providence near the Seekonk River and my house. This was the last flurry of activity in Providence before one crossed the old Red Bridge to East Providence (different from east side Providence). The old Red Bridge was torn down and a new highway size bridge built just to the north with the intention of adding a highway through the east side, destroying untold historic properties.

Thankfully this did not happen, and we have nice places to work and eat and a bridge to nowhere.

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  1. I love all your drawings of Providence. I grew up on the east side, not far from the Red Bridge (and the corresponding Red Bridge Diner, home of an excellent hot pastrami sandwich). I've lived in Kansas for 35 years but still miss Rhode Island. These drawings make me happy.

    It's possible that all of my 6 siblings follow this blog. Our mother lives in Boothbay Harbor, so we enjoy those drawings too. It's not just the familiarity of the places, but the economy of line and subtlety of light and color that I like.