Friday, November 5, 2010


DinTaiFung, which means.....DinTaiFung (a mashup of two previous stores) is a famous Taiwanese Soup Dumpling Restaurant. A soup dumpling, or Xiaolongbao, is not a dumpling in soup. It is a transcendent dumpling that has soup in it, along with pork or crab or both.

The meat is combined with soup that has been gelled with agar-agar and this soup/meat combination is put into fresh thin dumplings, twisted and the steamed in a bamboo steamer.

Oh. My. God.

I ate at the branch in Beijing and will eat at the branch in LA at Xmas. But for now I am going to lunch at a local place, which is not as good, but will suffice.

The second drawing is of peanut ice, with peanuts on top. Yummy.

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