Sunday, February 15, 2009

Head Tide Chapel in Maine

Went up to Damariscotta Maine to look at a potential project and after the meeting went back roads to Gardiner to visit a friend. After passing some lovely houses and barns and examples of 'real' Maine (including a hamlet that was self-titled 'Cowshit Corner') we missed a turn and stumbled into the hamlet-and-a-half called Head Tide.  Only a handful of houses, but there was the remnant of a corner store, very much occupying the corner with tenacious and resolute presence. Past the big house, little house, back house, barn combination, a hard left at the aforementioned  ex-corner store, over the bridge and straight up a hill on a  secondary road  perched this classic chapel. The simplicity and pride of this building speaks to a hope that was present in 1838 when it was built, but remains in spite of the long slide to beautiful oblivion begun in the 1920 when floods destroyed the local mill.

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