Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pawtuxet Village

Pawtuxet Village means 'Little Falls' in the native language and Little Falls Bakery is where we went to get out of the cold. The members of the Pawtuxet Naragansett tribe used this area as a feasting ground, and so did we. The bakery has excellent pizza, so I order a couple o' slices and began to draw the church across the street. I managed to get all the way through painting and decided to check on my slices. Oops! Burnt. No problem, work on some details while waiting for new ones.


  1. Do you usually sketch first and then add the watercolor later?

  2. Often I do (especially in cold weather!) In this case, I sketched in pencil and did the watercolor on site, and then later decided to trace over the pencil in ink.